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YTA (HSSQ 4001) is Conditionally


Our Courses

  1. Yoga Therapy Assisstants – Accrediated By Type Or Paste Your Text Here To By Skill India Under N.S.D.C & Ministry Of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship  (6 Months)
  2. Ayurvedic Diet Nutritionist (1 Month – Arogyam Certified)
  3. Yoga Trainers Course (1 Month – Arogyam Certified)

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    Who are We?

    We at Arogyam Institute of Ayurveda & Yoga, With our experience of 20+ Years in this industry, we have trained Masterminds and Gems in the Industry of Yoga, Ayurvedic Counselors, Ayurvedic Diet Nutritionists.

    We have been honoured as V.I.P speakers in the British parliament, London, UK. Our faculty is Well known for their practice in the field of Ayurveda, Dietetics, Ayurvedic Nutrionist Counselor, and Yoga in the industry.

    Why Choose Us?

    Arogyam Institute Is Accredited For YTA (HSS/Q4001) with Skill India Under N.S.D.C & Ministry Of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship. Arogyam Institute Provides A Valid Certification On Completions Of The Course Which Reflects The Bold Impact On One’s Resume And Skills.

    What Will One Learn?

    Get the Knowledge of Types of food, Their Pros & Cons, Their Prakriti. To whom to suit or not.

    How to Reduce, Gain, Stay at the Right BMI /Weight using the optimal Diet as per Type of Your/Individuals Body (Kapha, Vata, Pita)

    How can Various food and Diet combinations bring a change in your lifestyle, mood, Strength, Physical & Mental Health using the body's ability to utilize the Right Nutrition.

    How to maintain the equilibrium between Diet & Excercise/Yoga/Meditation to overcome Chronic Disease, Health Problems, fertility issues, thus boosting Immunity, and Hormonal Balance.

    Requirement for the course

    • No Prior Medical Background is Required.
    • No Education Restrictions, Even People who have passed 10+2 can join our certificate courses.
    • Housewives, Students or Businessmen, Anyone can Join without any age limit.
    • Anyone who intends to improve their knowledge about health, fitness, mood, immunity, stamina, physical strength, or Hormonal Balance will be benefited from this course.

    Become an expert in your field of interest and start earning as the pandemic has hit us hard. Many of us have lost jobs, Unemployment has devoured us. However, we should stand strong and keep moving forward.

    Now with this course knowledge & skills in your hands and the certification in your resume. Start your way of earning with your updated skills by taking it as a full-time job, part-time job, own online blogs, YouTube videos or your own healthy food business. Start your journey as an Influencer on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube!

    Success Story

    What does a Nutritionist do?

    1. Become a Nutrition Coach
    2. Create Muscle Growth and Fat Loss Meal Plans.
    3. Build a Fitness Diet Business
    4. Can Do Food Supplement Business.
    5. Develop a diet and exercise plan for individual clients
    6. Support clients through regular meetings
    7. Track clients’ progress and motivate individuals to stick to diet plans
    8. Coordinate and lead group or individual cooking classes
    9. Promote health and nutrition by giving presentations about the importance of food nutrition
    10. Assess individuals’ overall health including sleeping habits

    When You Enroll With Us, We Provide You...

    • Receipt of Registration
    • Welcome letter from desk of directors, Rules & Class Ethics.
    • When you enroll, you’ll get access to the details of Live classes, Records of live sessions as well.
    • Detailed Syllabus, Class schedules, Study material in form of PPT, PDF & Docs time to time.
    • Personal assistance to every student through their course coordinator.