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Arogyam Institute

Combined role of Arogyam Sinus Allergy tablets and lifestyle modulation in effective management of upper respiratory tract allergies, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

17th International Conference on Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Abstract :

The purpose of this research paper is to assess the role of lifestyle in treating Upper Respiratory Tract Diseases using Ayurveda. The research presented in this paper is based on twenty years of Arogyam’s experience in treating, and successfully curing, several thousands of allergy patients. The extensive research data collected in the past is used to understand the effectiveness of using a more holistic approach to fight against upper respiratory allergies such as allergic rhinitis, chronic cold and chronic sinusitis. Putting 2-2 drops of cow’s ghee in the nostrils, which acts as a protective barrier between the environmental allergies and the sensitive nasal mucosa, has proved to be a major overarching lifestyle advice that positive influences the patient’s allergy treatment. This lifestyle practice has been closely observed by Arogyam in the past few years and its beneficial results have been meticulously analysed in the paper. Furthermore, this research paper questions the safety and effectiveness of using anti-allergics and steroids to cure allergies. A stark comparison has been made between these anti-allergics and Ayurvedic treatment using Ayurvedic medicines such as Chitrak Haritaki, Haridra Khand, Lakshmi Vilas Ras Nardiya and Praval Panchamrit (Mukta Yukta). The effect of regular exercise and Pranayama i.e. Tivar Bhastrika, which acts as a workout of the upper nasalrespiratory region, in treating these allergies has also been explained in the paper. To conclude, the research study presents the reader with solid evidence of the density of impact that minor changes in lifestyle can cause in cure of the Upper Respiratory allergies.

Biography :

Harveen Kaur& Satnam Singh are owners and proprietors of Arogyam Auurveda, India. They are a chain of ayurvedic clinics pan India. They have completed their bachelor’s degree in Aurvedic medicine and Surgery in Guru Nanak Dev University, Public university in Amritsar, Punjab. Research interests are Ayurvedic medicine and allergies.

Source: longdom.org

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