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Helps you to manage diabetes through nutrition & diet

Arogyam Institute Of Ayurveda and Yoga YTA (HSSQ4001) Is accredited by Skill India Under N.S.D.C & Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

What will one learn?

What is diabetes

Why you need to keep your sugar levels under control - complications of diabetes

Which pathy you should use and why

Allopathic prospective of managing Diabetes

Ayurvedic prospective of managing Diabetes

Why I need to keep my weight under check – dietary management of diabetes

How yoga and lifestyle changes can help – yoga therapy and lifestyle management in diabetes


Anybody who want to learn diabetes management in holistic way can apply for this course.

This course is highly recommended for diabetic patients.

Family members of diabetic patients.

You can gift this course to your loved ones.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to treat their patients holistically.

Gym instructors, Fitness professionals who are dealing with diabetic patients.

What you will get in our course

  • Live classes
  • Recorded Live Sessions
  • E-Notes
  • Sample Diet Charts
  • Personal Assistance to every student through their course coordinator
  • Lifelong free of cost consultation by our Ayurvedic diabetes expert

    Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food

    Join our course if you want to :

    • Reverse diabetes
    • Eat heartily without feeling restricted
    • Avoid danger to your organs and limbs

    Then join our Diabetes Self-Management Course without a second thought

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    When You Enroll With Us, We Provide You...

    • Receipt of Registration
    • Welcome letter from desk of directors, Rules & Class Ethics.
    • When you enroll, you’ll get access to the details of Live classes, Records of live sessions as well.
    • Detailed Syllabus, Class schedules, Study material in form of PPT, PDF & Docs time to time.
    • Personal assistance to every student through their course coordinator.