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Maximize your Potential with Good Nutrition

It is not rocket science to live a fit life. National Nutrition Week promotes the same message by informing people about the advantages of eating healthily.

Eating healthy to live a long and healthy life is essential for all humans. Given people’s attraction to unhealthy and junk food, our eating habits have changed dramatically over the last few decades. We have consistently loaded our bodies with unhealthy food, from those street-side samosas to the nth golgappa, as a result, it is no surprise that many Indians today are at risk of obesity and other fatal diseases such as heart blockages, blood sugar disorders, and so on. All these problems can be solved by following a simple formula: start eating healthy.

Healthy eating promotes good health and maximizes our body potential, helps in building immunity, and keeps you away from several diseases and infections. To initiate and promote healthy eating the National Nutrition Week is firstly organized in the year 1982, and observed in from September 1st-7th of every year, with the theme to create awareness to consume accurate nutritional food and curb Malnutrition in the nation.

Reports say that around every year around 14% of the Indian Population suffers from Malnutrition & Approximately 25 lakh people suffer and die of hunger or lack of knowledge and access to essential knowledge about the intake of healthy nutrition that they can find in their daily kitchen items and species.

To address this lack of fundamental information, the government of India has launched this program to make more people aware of the benefits of eating healthier foods.

Furthermore, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has declared September to be Poshan Maah, or Nutrition Month, emphasizing the importance of nutritious food in maintaining a healthy mind and body. So, the next time you have plans to celebrate an occasion, skip the pizzas and other fast food and instead turn to your Ghar ka khana with healthier options like leafy vegetables and curries. While the idea of restaurant-cooked food and fancy dishes may appeal to you, it is harmful to your health and will not benefit you in the long run. As a result, always choose farm-fresh foods and follow a nutritious diet.

Finally, pull out your old textbooks and go over the chapters on balanced diets, doing whatever you can to raise awareness during Nutrition Week. Not only the government, but citizens like us, can help India overcome the challenges of malnourishment and reduce the 14 per cent figure to zero.

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