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Yoga Trainer Course

We are specialized in giving

Yoga Trainer online certification course

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    What will one learn in the course on nutrition?

    Meditation, Pranayama & Yogasanas.

    Therapeutic Yoga for different diseases

    Basics of human anatomy and physiology in yoga

    Learn prakriti analysis (Know your body composition)

    Learn Dosha's and Do's & Dont's

    Knowledge of Ayurvedic concepts, treatments, recipes

    Which foods to choose and importance and healthy eating

    What is nutrition for diet and food science

    Modern prospective of Nutrition, food , diet planning

    Ayurvedic Prospective of diet planning

    Why do you need to make lifestyle changes

    How right eating can help in maintenance of one's health

    What is your Prakriti - Learn about tridosha's and diet according to your Prakriti


    Anybody who has passed 10+2 and  is passionate to learn about nutrition, Yoga, Ayurvedic principles can apply for our courses. House wive, students, businessmen, health professionals, fitness instructors should must do our courses to enhance their practical knowledge about nutrition, Yoga, Ayurveda and  how they can use the knowledge from these courses to multiply their revenue.

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    What you will get in our course

    • Practical classes (Live)
    • Theory classes (Live)
    • Recorded sessions of live classes
    • E-Notes
    • Weekly interactive sessions
    • In between class contests to motivate students
    • Free medical consultation with our Ayurvedacharya regrading any of your health issues

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      What does a Yoga trainer do?

      1. Conduct and lead yoga classes
      2. Visually assess students to determine their level of practice
      3. Assist students to achieve practice alignment
      4. Demonstrate practice and techniques
      5. They lead group classes
      6. Demonstrate practice and technique
      7. After adjustments and training recommendations

      When You Enroll With Us, We Provide You...

      • Receipt of Registration
      • Welcome letter from desk of directors, Rules & Class Ethics.
      • When you enroll, you’ll get access to the details of Live classes, Records of live sessions as well.
      • Detailed Syllabus, Class schedules, Study material in form of PPT, PDF & Docs time to time.
      • Personal assistance to every student through their course coordinator.