Yoga Therapy Assistance Course

YTA (HSSQ4001) is accredited by Skill India Under N.S.D.C &

Ministry of Skill Development


What will one learn?

  • Prepration of yoga therapy unit as per needs.
  • Carry out initial interaction with individuals for proposed yoga therapy.
  • Conduct yoga therapy session as per prescription
  • Conduct post yoga therapy reviews.
  • Maintain interpersonal relationship with patients, colleagues and others.
  • Maintain professional and medico-legal conduct.
  • Maintain a safe, healthy and secure working enviroment.


  • Class 12th
  • Minimum job entry age - 18 years

What you will get in our course

  • Practical classes (Offline)
  • Theory classes (Offline)
  • Recorded sessions of live classes
  • Notes
  • Interactive sessions
  • Free medical consultation with our Ayurvedacharya regarding any of your health issues

    Happy Students

    What does a Yoga therapy assistant do?

    1. Demonstrate the yoga therapy as per the prescription.
    2. Assist the individual in taking yoga therapy.
    3. Creates the appropriate and conducive environment for yoga therapy.
    4. Follows prescription and provides support to the patient before, during, and after yoga therapy.


    When You Enroll With Us, We Provide You...

    • Receipt of Registration
    • Welcome letter from the desk of directors, Rules & Class Ethics.
    • Detailed Syllabus, Class schedules, Study material in form of PPT, PDF & Docs from time to time.
    • Personal assistance to every student through their course coordinator.